Celebrating 2017: A Year In Photos


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The new year arrives tomorrow, with the excitement of the next twelve months of  gymnastics to enjoy. Just before that, let’s take a look back at 2017 and everything it had to bring for the British gymnasts of all ages as they began this new quad.


New seniors Latalia Bevan, Alice Kinsella, Maisie Methuen, Ellesse Oates, Megan Parker, Lucy Stanhope, and Sophie Scott were all added to the 2017 British Senior Squad.


GB Senior (plus Taeja James), Junior,  and Development Squads line up at Lilleshall

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February was quiet over here, but in the US, Ruby Harold was having a brilliant time in her freshman year competing for LSU

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Amy Tinkler Competed at the American Cup


Shannon Archer, Ellie Russell, and Crystelle Lake became Scottish senior, junior, espoir champions


Alice Kinsella made her senior debut at the Stuttgart World Cup

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Ellie Downie took the British AA title, with Alice Kinsella and Maisie Methuen sharing silver


Taeja james took the junior title, with Amelie Morgan second, and Jolie Ruckley third.


There were myriad beautiful photos from the championships, here is a selection:


Amy Tinkler took bronze at the London World Cup

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The English Championships took place, with Sophie Scott , Taeja James, and Shanna-Kae Grant crowned senior, junior, and espoir champions.


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Becky Downie, Ellie Downie, Georgia-Mae Fenton, and Claudia Fragapane travelled to Cluj Romania for the Deuropena Championships

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Georgia was unfortunately injured, and Alice Kinsella flew out to join the team. Everyone competed in qualifications, Alice and Ellie qualified for the AA final, Claudia for the floor final, Becky for bars and beam, and Ellie to all individual finals.


In the AA final, Alice finished in 10th place in her first major international, and Ellie of course was crowned the first ever British AA European Champion.


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Apparatus finals were bitter sweet, it would be the last time we saw both Downie’s sisters compete in 2017, Ellie took silver on vault and floor, and bronze on bars. Becky came so close to retaining her bars title, right at the end of an incredible routine, a fall on the new inbar Gienger meant a serious elbow injury requiring surgeries, and we await her return in the new year. Claudia having been very solid on beam and floor in qualification wasn’t able to replicate her form in finals which kept her off the podium.


Compulsory age group titles were decided, with Shamiso Ndoro  taking the compulsory 4 title, Sienna Godwin compulsory 3, Poppy Stickler compulsory 2, and Rosie Bayliss compulsory 1.

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Mini dragons, at Welsh squad

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GB juniors congratulate the new European Champion

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Emily Thomas and Latalia Bevan compete in France

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Development and Junior squads line up at Lilleshall

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EYOF team contenders Roshelle Spencer-Smith, Amelie Morgan, Zoe Simmons, Phoebe Jakubczyk, Taeja James, and Sioned Thomas after their final trial.

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Welsh age group, espoir and junior gymnasts Amelia Thomas, Sioned Thomas Paige Thomas, Poppy Stickler, Jea Maracha, and Amy Oliver experience team and individual success at La Cup Sarreguemines.

IMG_4279Screen Shot 2017-12-08 at 18.45.26Screen Shot 2017-12-08 at 18.57.23Amelia Thomas


Sioned Thomas, Zoe Simmons, Phoebe Jakubczyk, Taeja James, and Amelie Morgan take bronze in the four way junior international, with Taeja sharing the AA title with Italy’s Asia D’Amato.

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Taeja’s reputation certainly seemed to precede her, team Italy watched her every move on floor

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Zoe Harris competed at the Maccabiah Games taking bronze on bars and silver on floor.

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What better way to celebrate when she returned home, than with team mates at her Harrow home gym!

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Poppy Stickler and Sienna Goodwin were selected for the UEG junior international training camp alongside the strongest young gymnasts throughout the continent.

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GB Talent development squad line up at Lilleshall

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Taeja James, Amelie Morgan, and Zoe Simmons represented GB at EYOF, placing 5th as a team. Taeja and Amelie finished 5th and 7th respectively in the AA, and in apparatus finals, Amelie placed 5th on floor, and took a brilliant bronze on beam.

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GB juniors travelled to Portugal for a training camp

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While team Scotland and junior tea Wales travelled to Barcelona

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Kelly Simm and Georgia-Mae Fenton competed at the Varna World Cup, with Georgia taking bronze on beam

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Amy Tinkler and Latalia Bevan competed at the Szombathely World Cup, with Amy taking bronze with her new floor.

IMG_8551Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 16.00.25

Alice Kinsella, Charlie Fellows, Phoebe Turner, and Georgia-Mae Fenton travelled to Duiven to take on The Dutch team, as well as gymnasts from Spain, Israel, Belgium, and Egypt. Alice and Charlie placed  first and third respectively in the AA, Phoebe took bronze on vault, Georgia gold, and Charlie bronze on bars, and Alice silver on floor.

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Claudia Fragapane and Georgia-Mae Fenton competed at the Paris World Cup, Claudia took bronze on beam, and the floor title.


Park Wrekin took the overall Adrian Stan British Team title, with The Academy taking silver, and Leatherhead and Dorking the bronze.  City of Birmingham took the junior title, with South Durham second, and Leeds third.

In the non national squad section, Harrow took the senior title followed by Heathrow, and DGC2K. Notts took the junior title, with City of Manchester taking silver, and Huntingdon the bronze.





It was time for the biggest competition of the year, Georgia-Mae Fenton, Claudia Fragapane, Alice Kinsella, and Amy Tinkler headed to Montreal for the World Championships.

In qualifications, Amy and Alice qualified for the AA, Claudia for the floor final, and Georgia only just missed out on making the bars final.


Alice was unfortunately unable to compete in the AA final, Amy finished in 17th. In the floor final, Claudia produced an absolutely fantastic performance to take the bronze medal, becoming only the second individual British WAG to claim and individual World medal.


GB Development Squad line up at Lilleshall

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Tomique Gibson took the senior Challenge Cup title, Jessica Dayton the junior title, and Teegan Milliagan the Espoir.


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At the Bill McLoughlin team championships, Wales took the gold, South West the silver, and South the bronze


Laura Cooke, Tomique Gibson, and Alyieana Rahim tok silver at the Leverkusen Cup, with Laura becoming the first English AA Champion in 42 years of the competition.

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GB seniors  took the Rushmoor Rosebowl title, with GB juniors taking silver, and England A the bronze

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South East took the regional title, and park Wrekin the club title.


Scotland took bronze at the Northern European Championships, with Ireland placing 7th.

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Jolie Ruckley wins the first Welsh Commonwealth trial

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GB take the Olympic Hopes Cup title with Halle Hilton, Phoebe Jakubczyk Amelie Morgan, Paige Thomas, Sioned Thomas, and Annie Young.

Amelie took the AA title, with Phoebe taking silver. In apparatus finals, Amelie took silver on vault, with Halle 4th. Paige took bronze on bars with Annie 5th, Phoebe took the beam title with Amelie 4th, and Amelie took the floor title, with Phoebe 3rd.


At the British Voluntary Age Groups Championships, Tiegan Trafford took the Level 4 title, Lili Clo Thorp Richens the Level 3, and Sofia Micallef level 2.


At the Welsh Championships, Olivia Gauregui took the Espoir title, Jolie Ruckley the junior title, and Emily Thomas the senior


Team England won the Sandra Clarke Invitational, with Red Billingham taking the AA title.

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GB and Academy seniors Phoebe Turner and Abi Solari took another step toward their NCAA careers by celebrating their official signings with Iowa State and Berkley Universities

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GB juniors line up at Lilleshall

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Kelly Simm and Maisie Methuen returned to international competition at the Cottbus World Cup. Kelly placed 5th in the bars final, and Maisie 5th in the floor final.




Jolie Ruckley and Zoe Simmons represented Wales, Amelie Morgan and Phoebe Jakubczyk GB at the Top Gym International.

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In the AA, Phoebe was 4th, and Amelie 5th. Screen Shot 2017-11-26 at 01.21.23

Jolie and Zoe teamed up with team Norway to take the team title, with Amelie and Phoebe teamed with Canada to take silver. Screen Shot 2017-11-26 at 21.58.40

Amelie took the floor title, with Zoe taking bronze, Pinewood’s jessica Castles took silver representing Sweden.

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GB talent development squad line up at Lilleshall

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Ondine Achampong won the British Espoir title, with Annie Young taking silver, and Shanna-Kae grant bronze. Maddie Roberts won vault, Annie Young bars, Ondine beam and floor.


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