2018 National Compulsory 1 Results

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A big task for the young British gymnasts coming into their first year Espoir Age group  in 2018. The first group to take on the new Compulsory Level 1 set by British Gymnastics.

Tougher demands, and a higher pass mark required, add to that the competition was held at the beginning of February when in 2017 it was the end of April, the the years before that, May or June. A lot less time for the gymnasts to prepare, the reason being that the British Espoir Championships have now moved to March alongside the Junior and Senior Championships, as opposed to  being held in December.

There is another opportunity to pass the grade later in the year toward the end of August, but with a Compulsory 1 pass required for entry to the British, those aiming for Espoirs in March needed to achieve the 55.000 required here.

Congratulations to all those that passed, and have now completed the compulsory system, an enormous achievement. Special congratulations to British Champion Poppy Stickler, silver medalist Jea Maracha, and bronze medalist Mia Evans.

For those that weren’t quite there today, it was just this time, there is a next time, you’re only at the very beginning of your elite careers.

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