Taeja James at the Doha World Cup.


City of Birmingham first year senior Taeja James got her first senior international assignment this week. Still a very young senior, not sixteen until October, not even in her final year at school, fifteen year old Taeja travelled to Doha for the Individual Apparatus World Cup.

There isn’t an awful lot of information about qualifications to be had, and no coverage, so unfortunately I haven’t got much detail for you.

What we do know is the she vaulted her new one and a half twisting Yurchenko and her Tsuk full as her D scores were 5.0 and 4.8 respectively.  13.066 (5.0D, 8.166E) ND 0.1 for the Yurchenko 1.5, and 13.366 (4.8D, 8.566E) for the Tsuk full for 13.216 and 11th place.

Bars and beam it seems she had some problems. On bars 10.900 (4.8D, 6.1E) suggests she had at least one fall here, then on beam 12.466 (5.9D, 6.566E) it looks as though she did have a fall here, but what is interesting and very encouraging potential wise is the very big D score in this routine. Awarded 5.9 today, the full routine is from a 6.0 which is hugely competitive on the world stage, and my guess would be that she was awarded the round off straight back for B+E, but that was where the fall came, hence losing the 0.1 bonus she would have got had she completed the skill. Fully hit a big routine like that, and you’re looking a World final.

For those interested, the routine is:

Flick to chest stand mount –  D
Double Wolf Turn – D
Round off Straight back – D+E
Change to Change Half leaps – C+D
Flick layout layout – B+C+C
Punch Front – D
Side somi – D
Round off Triple Twist dismount – B+F

On floor Taeja competed very well and topped the qualifications standings with 13.533 (5.4D, 8.133E) making her first senior international final.


The final was a very closely fought contest, a three way tie of 13.333 for gold, the top seven gymnasts all within 0.3 of each other. Taeja had a 0.2 neutral deduction for going out of the floor area today, otherwise she too would have shared the gold.

One and a half to triple twist to start with, a little off line which is what took her out of the area. Well landed double tuck second tumble, just a tiny hop.  Hop full through to split one and a half, it looks as though the judges felt her shoulders/hips weren’t fully round here and awarded the full instead as she’s 0.1 difficulty down. Straight front linked to double twisting straight front very nicely done. Double Wolf turn, two and a half twist to finish.  13.133 (5.4D, 7.933E) 0.2 ND, Good routine well performed, a shame about the out of bounds, but Taeja handled her first senior international final very well, the first of many to come I’m sure from this very talented young gymnast.

All results can be found here:


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  1. Why is Taeja not being sent as the fifth member of the English Commonwealth team. With all the recent injuries and certain team members susceptible to injuries you would think they would want a fifth member out there. Not forgetting that she has a good chance of a medal at floor.


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