Compulsory 1 Results

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Compulsory 1 In age competitors (Photo courtesy of The Academy)

A big task for some of the younger British gymnasts today, the chance to complete the compulsory system, and qualify as elite gymnasts.

Tough demands, and a high pass mark required, there will be another opportunity to pass the grade later this year in November, but with a Compulsory 1 pass required for entry to the British Championships (16th-19th April), those aiming to make their British debut this year needed to achieve the 57.00 required here.

Gymnasts competed both in and out of age, with the In age gymnasts going into the British as first year Espoirs.

Congratulations to all those that passed, an enormous achievement. Special congratulations to British Champion Tiegan Trafford of Abingdon, silver medalist Bethany Rayment of Robin Hood, and bronze medalist Abigail Martin of South Devon.

L-R Bethany Raymant, Tiegan Trafford, Abigail Martin (Photo courtesy of Abingdon Gymnastics)
For those that weren’t quite there today, it was just this time, there is a next time, you’re only at the very beginning of your elite careers, and there are many opportunities still to come.



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