Weekly Roundup 09th-16th February

A possibly new weekly feature for those that don’t follow all of the social media accounts attached the blog, or have missed the odd post.  A look at the goings on over the last week in British WAG.

For this first post I’m actually going back to Sunday last week, but the plan is to run them from Monday-Sunday.

Compulsory 1 


Sixteen in age, and six out of age gymnasts completed the compulsory levels system by passing their Compulsory one grade, making themselves fully fledged elite gymnasts eligible for the British Championships.

Abingdon’s Tiegan Trafford took the title of British Champion.

Results here:


Shanna-Kae Grant of Leeds joins the senior ranks this year, and is upgrading her floor with a big double Arabian

Kiera Thornton of Gymmagic also joins the senior ranks this year and is upgrading her vault to a one and a half twisting Yurchenko ready for the British.

Bristol Hawks Claudia Fragapane, and Sapphire’s Ondine Achampong are announced as the GB WAG headed to the Baku Apparatus World Cup in Azerbaijan 12th-15th of March.

Screenshot 2020-02-10 at 19.17.17

Screenshot 2020-02-10 at 19.33.41

The GB seniors attended squad at Lilleshall with National coaches Amanda Reddin and Colin Still, as well as their personal coaches. They were joined by guest gymnast Dominikia Ponizilova of the Czech Republic.


Ruby Stacey of Plymouth Swallows is one of the strong British Juniors in contention for a place on the team for Junior Europeans. She showed some impressive upgrades in the works, one and a half to two and a half twist on floor, two and a half twist from beam, and a one and a half twisting Yurchenko.

Georgia-Mae Fenton of South Essex is planning to add a whip immediate triple twist to her floor routine, 0.7 in one tumble as she gets 0.5 for the E rated triple twist, and 0.2 in bonus for A+E.

Taeja James of City of Birmingham gets her double twisting Yurchenko on to hard ready for the competition season, and adds a big double double to her already impressive floor repertoire

Tokyo 2020 Olympic individual qualification, I attempt to make sense of it all in a blog post

Screenshot 2020-02-12 at 23.39.08


Halle Hilton also moves up from the junior to senior ranks this year, and is training a Hindorf followed by a Weiler on bars, which I don’t think I have seen before.

Lucy Stanhope of Liverpool is announced as the GB WAG representative for the Tokyo World AA Cup 4th-5th of April


Ellie Downie  of Notts showed three planned beam upgrades in a 38 second video. An extra layout to her acro series, which earns her an extra 0.2 to her D score. She will get 0.1 for the C+C with the two layouts, and further 0.1 for having a three element series of B+B+C or above. She then has a split jump half side on, valued as a D element, and is adding a back tuck to her change to change half series, giving her C-D-C for again the 0.1 series bonus, plus 0.2 for two lots of C+D. What we don’t see is whether Ellie has taken anything out of her routine, we also don’t see the dismount, where it is possible she may be earning herself some more in bonus should we see the return of the double Arabian.

We also on the edge of the footage see Lucy Stanhope joining her Pak-Maloney-Bhardwaj combination for D-D-E and 0.3 in bonus, she then adds the E value Van Leuween after an upstart, and if she gets it all in combination, she’s in for a big 0.5.

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