Weekly Roundup 24th Feb – 1st March

The weekly feature for those that don’t follow all of the social media accounts attached the blog, or have missed the odd post.  A look at the goings on over the last week in British WAG.

A relatively quiet week this week before the competitions come thick and fast, as we go into spring.

British Gymnastics shared a couple of photos of senior squad members together, from when Peggy Liddick came to Lilleshall to work with both them and the juniors.



Liverpool’s Lucy Stanhope continues her preparations for the Tokyo World Cup, while at Lilleshall with the Tokyo Olympic squad. Her double double which she first competed at the end of last year looks absolutely huge here, the upright landing position is so impressive.


Also at Lilleshall, Park Wrekin’s Alice Kinsella continues her preparation for the Birmingham World Cup, with her double twisting Yurchenko looking as strong as I’ve seen it.


It was also lovely to see GB senior GB international, and Welsh Commonwealth Games floor silver medalist Latalia Bevan tumbling again. Latalia had ankle surgery a year ago, and has been out of competitive action since as she has made her way through an arduous rehabilitation process. I know I’m far from alone in looking forward to seeing Latalia’s beautiful gymnastics back on the competition floor when she is ready.


It being a leap year this year, on the 29th there was a plethora of beautiful leaps posted by the gymnasts and clubs on instagram. Too many to post them all, I have picked one from each age group to highlight.

Seniors: Amelie Morgan, The Academy


Juniors: Mia Evans, Park Wrekin, photography by Natasha Ince.


Espoirs: Sonia Runcianu, Pinewood


Age Groups: This little lady from City of Preston is a level 4 (Age 9 within this year), and what impressive height, confidence and flexibility she’s showing on beam already. Beautiful work.


From the retired gymnasts, I chose Catherine Lyons. I also chose this photo as my personal choice for leap day on my instagram account. For me, flawless.



2 thoughts on “Weekly Roundup 24th Feb – 1st March

    • Following on from the 2015 junior British where she dominated, Catherine was automatically selected for EYOF and the Japan junior. I would have expected her to take multiple medals at both, and looking back at the scores from the competition, this is entirely realistic.
      Sadly it was not to be, in May 2015 Catherine attended a smaller competition, trying out new upgrades in preparation to take on the best of the world’s juniors. She had her new Maloney to Shang on bars and a one and a half spin on beam with her leg held in split, she tumbled a new one and a half to double twisting straight front on floor, and added a full twisting ring leap. She also successfully warmed up her new double twisting Yurchenko vault, but didn’t get to compete it, as after floor she felt a pain in her foot which turned out to be a stress fracture, which was sadly the beginning of a stream of injuries keeping her out of competition from that point. Catherine had also shown a very strong looking whip to triple twist and double layout in training, as well as working the triple twist beam dismount.

      Although we did not see Catherine in open competition again, she was able to compete AA on day one of the closed Olympic trials at Lilleshall in June. Although not in the top five which is completely understandable, as such a long absence and unrelenting injury meant she was unable to add her upgrades in, getting to trials and competing AA after such a long time away was a victory in itself.


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