About British Gymnewstics

Welcome to British Gymnewstics, a blog on all things British WAG from age group development levels, to senior GB internationals.

My passion for gymnastics, and wanting to write about it comes from being one of those kids that spent six days a week in the gym, then a coach who coaches the kids that spend six days a week in the gym, and a judge who judges them. Most of all I am a life long lover of this beautiful sport.

Here you will find news, reports, results, opinion pieces, and features on gymnasts and gymnastics in Great Britain, as we continue to build our reputation and results on the world stage.

Please feel free to comment if you wish, opinions are always welcome. I feel so strongly that elite gymnasts are just kids and young adults trying to excel at the hardest of sports, and putting their whole life into doing so, that I wanted to make a positive platform to talk about gymnastics in this country.

If there is anything you would like featured, or would like to send a question or a comment on the site, don’t hesitate to get in touch either by the Facebook page or BritishGymnewstics@yahoo.com. You can also fill out a contact form below.


2 thoughts on “About British Gymnewstics

    • Hi Annabel, I don’t have a weekly letter, but you can subscribe to the blog and get notified every time a new post goes up. There is also the Facebook page, and the twitter account where I post smaller pieces of news.


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